Restored Collection Of Vintage and Rare Pedal Cars To Be Auctioned

Aug 15, 2019 2 min read
Restored Collection Of Vintage and Rare Pedal Cars To Be Auctioned

More than 85 cars were collected over a span of 60 years.

Humbert and Ellis are holding an online auction of more than 85 vintage and rare pedal cars from a lovingly restored collection. The owner, David Morrow, has spent the past 60 years assembling the collection at his Somerset home in England. Now, at age 72, Morrow has collected all of the cars he wanted to obtain and is ready to sell them. He believes now is the right time to do so.

The collection includes E-Type Jaguars, Rolls Royces, a Bugatti and even an armored car and biplane. David Morrow began collecting these vehicles in the 1960s from various places like the Beaulieu (motor museum) and at jumble sales.

"Over the years I got to know other people who were selling and buying them. You can pick things up on eBay these days, but as a collector I feel that eBay has taken some of the fun out of it,” explains Morrow.

David Morrow has restored all the cars himself and stores them in their own building at his home near Taunton. Morrow also restores full-size vehicles. He said that he does not feel too sad to part with the collection, which could fetch more than £170,000 in the online-only auction.

"I've got children and grandchildren, but you can't really let them play with and beat up a £1,500 vintage pedal car,” he explained.

Morrow also disclosed that he does not have a particular favorite from the collection.

"There are certain ones you have to have, like the Austin J40, which is to pedal car collectors what a Penny Black is to stamp collectors. I can't say that one is very beautiful to look at though."

Restored Collection Of Vintage and Rare Pedal Cars To Be Auctioned

Jonathan Humbert from Humbert and Ellis said: "This is a fabulous lifetime collection of best-of-breed restored pedal cars, every one of which is in superb condition and all highly sought-after in today's market, particularly among those who might have the 'real' car and want the pedal-car 'kid brother'."

The online auction closes on Sunday, September 8, 2019.

Source: BBC

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