Does This Private Honda Collection Beat Honda’s Own?

Mar 19, 2019 2 min read
Does This Private Honda Collection Beat Honda’s Own?

This collection was setup by RealTime Racing founder and features some of Honda’s rarest machines

Car collections appear in various forms across the globe, with manufacturers typically boasting the cream of the crop when it boils down to single marque collections.

That said, every once in a while, one discovers certain enthusiasts who go well beyond that extra pivotal mile to create something truly extraordinary.

One such example is the Honda collection created by RealTime Racing founder, Peter Cunningham. A quick glance at the inventory of cars on offer tells you that almost every significant Honda is accounted for.

The story began as the curator wanted to build a small collection of cars to accurately reflect his racing history, which began with a first generation CRX Si, which incidentally was the first car bought for the collection. The racing theme continued with the acquisition of a fourth generation Prelude as well.


At this point the formula was all but scrapped, as a mint condition, first-generation Accord became available. A car that has no relevance to the RealTime Racing history theme.

From that point onwards, cars of historical significance were the goal, and what a fine job they have done. Other interesting vehicles include a second generation Integra Type R that was never shipped to North America, and one such example in the collection was actually Honda’s Nurburgring test car.

The penultimate stop on the tour includes an immaculate, one owner, S600. Launched in 1964 with just a two-year production run, these little sports cars were well ahead of their time. With a 660cc motor pushing 57 hp, these had some of the highest horsepower-per-litre statistics worldwide, even by today’s standards. Better still, perhaps, is the 9500 rpm redline that to this day remains the highest of any production car ever sold.

The star of the show, however, is the re-creation of Honda’s first ever North American dealership from 1959. Cunningham spent a huge amount of time and effort searching for images and information on Honda’s first American endeavour. The result is an accurate representation of the stores facade, including the actual truck used that sits in front of it.

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