Original 1945 Willys MB Hammers For $21K

Oct 16, 2019 2 min read
Original 1945 Willys MB Hammers For $21K

This unrestored Willys MB has found a new home.

The auction for the original, unrestored 1945 Willys MB ended earlier this week on All Collector Cars' auction site, and the final sales priced ended up being $21,000. This price ended up being right in the middle of the Army Jeep's pre-auction estimate that had it valued between $16,700 and $27,400. That price seems pretty good considering that it's getting harder to find these Willys MBs in solid shape, but some of the truck's value could have come from the unique lineage of its past owners.

Original 1945 Willys MB Up For Grabs

According to the auction listing, this Willys MB was purchased by its current owner from an Army Captain, who had been the third-generation owner of this Jeep. In addition to its Army green paint and tan top, this MB still has the functional Army vehicle look with the shovel and axe mounted on the side and the fuel can and spare tire mounted on the back.

While many MBs have had gun mounts and other fake war memorabilia tacked on, the only parts not original to this one are the soft top and canvas seat covers. Everything else is in all-original condition, and the winning bidder will even get some spare parts!

This 1945 Willys MB is definitely showing its age, but it has been maintained and stored in a climate-controlled barn. In its current condition, this Willys MB would be perfect for parade duty, but a good restoration would transform this ex-military vehicle into a full-fledged show winner. The good news is that everything works, and the Willys runs strong thanks to its original driveline consisting of the 60-horsepower 2.2-liter inline-four cylinder, three-speed manual transmission and the two-speed Dana 18 transfer case.

Original 1945 Willys MB Up For Grabs

If you missed your shot at owning this incredible piece of automotive Americana, keep checking All Collector Cars as the site posts new online-only auctions all the time. Just be sure you're registered to bid by clicking HERE.

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