British With A Dash Of Muscle: Oldsmobile V8 MGB GT For Sale

Feb 26, 2019 2 min read
British With A Dash Of Muscle: Oldsmobile V8 MGB GT For Sale

BMC, or British Leyland as it was later known, sold over half a million cars during its 18-year life span, and it was never hard to see why. Its vehicles were mostly attractive, always cheap, and full of fun, a trio of characteristics that manufacturers across the world have attempted to replicate.

MGB GT Oldsmobile 215

During its life the typical B-Series plodded on from beginning right to the very end, with a quick hiatus to the MGC with a straight-six and of course the Buick-derived Rover V8. A car for every taste then.

Perhaps that's not the full story, as what we have here is rather unique, but also very close to the real thing. For those of you who know the story, the small block V8 engines used in Rovers from the P5B right up to P38A Range Rovers was, you guessed it, the Buick V8. Albeit quite heavily modified by the turn of the millennium.

MGB GT Oldsmobile 215

The car we have here is advertised as having an Oldsmobile 215ci engine, which madly enough is actually the direct predecessor of what became known as the Rover V8. Perhaps the seller is not aware of how coincidental this fitment is, as the 1974 vehicle was actually available from the factory with essentially the same engine. The cue to suggest this isn’t a factory model are the rocker covers that appear slightly different, along with the more obvious signs like the Chevrolet-derived gearbox. Most evident, however, is that the MGB ‘Factory’ V8 was never actually officially exported to North America in period.

Aside from technical alterations the vehicle it looks to be in fantastic condition, with the added rarity of being just one of 1246 vehicles imported to North America back in '74. The only logical step remaining is to register your bid here.

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