Venture Off-Road In This Modified Nissan Safari

May 21, 2019 2 min read
Venture Off-Road In This Modified Nissan Safari

The Nissan Safari was a hardy 4x4 from the factory, but this example now has even greater off-road prowess.

There’s a beautiful honesty to rugged trucks, with form following all-terrain function. Land Rover has the Defender, Mitsubishi its Shogun/Montero, and then there’s Jeep. For Nissan, the Patrol was the 4x4 capable of getting the family home regardless of road conditions. This fourth generation Patrol, – or Safari as it was known in Japan – is an import worth taking note of.

J Spec Auto specialize in Japanese imports, with this modified 1991 Nissan Safari one of its latest offerings. The Safari was a capable machine from the factory with this Y60 model’s suspension developed to cope with rough off-road routes. Good ground clearance, short overhangs, and a reliable motor further boosted its credentials. However, for some enthusiasts that wasn’t enough.

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This Nissan Safari has been modified with new heavy-duty suspension, its bright blue Ganlock springs on display along with Pro Comp shock absorbers. Enormous tyres are shrouded by wheel arch extensions, and the overall increase in height means that those sidesteps serve a genuine purpose.

Under the hood is the larger TB42 167-horsepower 4.2-liter petrol engine that’s paired with an automatic transmission, providing 240lb ft of torque is at its driver’s disposal, and is sent to all four wheels to maximise traction.

Considering that this 4x4 has been built with off-roading in mind, the exterior appears totally unmarked. It’s the same story for the cabin where its plush fabric seats look hardly used. It simplistic and durable dashboard and switchgear has stood up to the test of time, today serving as a throwback to the 1990s. The only interior modification is a small screen and a DVD player, giving passengers some light entertainment on lengthy journeys.

This car has been officially imported through all of the correct channels, and comes with its relevant paperwork. It currently has a legal Virginia State Title, but the advert does note that you should check the strict California import laws if that’s where you wish to drive it.

The odometer reads just over 30,000 kilometres, however, the description suggests that this Nissan has actually covered the equivalent of 180,000 miles. It appears to have been well maintained, and so there’s likely plenty of life left in this model known for its bulletproof reliability.

J Spec Auto currently has this Safari upon for sale at $15,995.

Source: J Spec Auto

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