Watch: How To Get A Monster 850HP From A BMW Z3M Coupé

Feb 22, 2019 2 min read
Watch: How To Get A Monster 850HP From A BMW Z3M Coupé

This BMW Z3M Coupé has become the ultimate daily driver. Supercharged with big power, the German sports car has been rebuilt from the ground up

The BMW Z3M Coupé remains highly regarded in German performance circles. Lovingly known as ‘the clown shoe’, the Autobahn warrior boasts status as a serious collectors model. It's not difficult to see why, for the M-division tuned coupé/shooting brake packs some serious performance.

However, for some individuals, the factory specifications aren't quite enough. YouTube channelRoads Untraveled recently explored an 850 hp variant of this sports car, built by Ghery at Garage 54. Working upon an already engaging Z3 M Coupé was always going to yield something fantastic, but this car is described as 'extremely visceral'. And we believe them...


Lower, wider, and packing far more performance than the stock vehicle, under the hood lurks a sleeved 3.1-liter in-line six-cylinder engine from an E46 M3. Garage 54 has bolted on a large vortex supercharger to boost this motor towards 850 hp, crafting a snarling tarmac beast as a result. The booming BMW also features a short-throw shifter, TC Kline suspension, roll cage, and large six-piston brakes.

This transformation from stock sports car to supercar slayer involved a complete tear-down, with almost every component replaced. In fact, the dashboard is the only original piece of the Z3 left.

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Daily driving this car with its vast performance caused the rear end to shatter, and is now fabricated from tubular steel. The dedication from Ghery over the 10-year build process, that even involved BMW repainting the car white, is very impressive indeed.

Ghery is very proud that this car has been built with durability in mind, with no need to tone down performance for everyday use. ‘I don’t like dyno queens. Raising of the boost for a dyno, driving about with a couple of hundred less [horsepower]. This is the car how I built it, how I drive it, and I don’t want to sacrifice anything.’

While the presenter maybe a little over-critical of modern-day BMW M cars, he appears besotted with this highly modified Z3M Coupé. He talks of the involving drive and how the supercharger doesn’t detract from the natural merits of the engine.

Check out the video to see and hear this beastly M car in action.

Source: YouTube

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