Experience A 1918 Ford Model T For Yourself

Oct 5, 2019 2 min read
Experience A 1918 Ford Model T For Yourself

For under $14k this could be yours.

Everybody knows the Model T, a car which got American moving at a faster pace. Just driving this 1918 Ford Model T will help you gain a greater appreciation for what life was like a century ago. It’s also the kind of car people stop and notice, because it’s famous and fun to see.

Experience A 1918 Ford Model T For Yourself

Tin Lizzie, as the Model T is lovingly called, was first produced in 1908 until 1927. That means this particular one rolled off that famous assembly line about midway through the production cycle. I wears a beautiful red with black fenders. An iconic brass radiator and windshield frame add that special something, even though they were standard factory equipment. They just don’t make them like this anymore.

Under close inspection, it’s obvious this Model T has gone through a very thorough restoration. The paint is shined to near perfection, the chassis is free from any signs of corrosion and has a nice coat of black, and the tan upholstery on the bench seat is free of tears, splits, and cracks.

You get the authentic classic Ford experience with this car, complete with the manual transmission, factory steering wheel, and the large parking brake lever. The 144cu inline four-cylinder engine is very much functional and is easy to work on. Since Model Ts are popular, finding parts for this car isn’t difficult. The ignition coils sit in a wooden box by the driver’s feet, one of the charming details of this car.

Obviously, the Ford Model T is a cultural and historical icon. There’s no question this car is considered a classic, and at $13,500 it’s quite affordable. This would make the perfect vehicle for someone looking to get into classic car collecting, a Ford fan, or if you don’t have anything like this in your garage already.

Vintage Car Collector is offering this Ford Model T for sale, so contact the business directly for purchasing details.

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