This Modified Jeep CJ Is One Big Party In The Streets

Mar 19, 2019 2 min read
1992 Jeep CJ Wrangler Custom

With a fully functional jacuzzi and bar, this tri axle Jeep is unlike any other and it could be yours

Jeep. One of the only brands in the world that is both a noun and a proper noun. The vehicle that pioneered a craze that has yet to cease worldwide is something that literally anyone would recognize, and with good reason.

The Jeep is a dying breed, with the Land Rover Defender having ceased production along with countless others, the Wrangler has somehow slipped through the net, and remains as recognizable as the original from the 1940s.

1992 Jeep CJ Wrangler Custom

This, on the other hand, whilst still recognizable does invoke speechlessness in most. What started life as a typical nineties Jeep CJ has been transformed, and with a lot of money, into a mobile tiki bar cum hot tub.

The sort of vehicle you wouldn’t be surprised to see in a Katy Perry music video is in fact living and breathing, but better still it’s for sale. It even includes the jacuzzi trailer to live out your California Girl dreams.

Although it’s a fascinating beast with what must be quite the story, the vendor omits any details of its commission or its purpose. That said, with a beer tap and a jacuzzi its purpose probably needn’t have an explanation.

1992 Jeep CJ Wrangler Custom

The rear axle has been heavily modified to encompass another making this one of the only tri axle Jeep CJ’s in existence. Not only is it unique, but keen eyes will tell you this example is made up of multiple Jeeps.

The CJ series ceased production in 1986 being replaced by the Wrangler. The front of this example features a CJ7 front end, with a modified 1992 Wrangler tub. Taking a quick look at the dashboard confirms this, although the colour choices may cause some temporary blindness.

Under the hood is what appears to be the AMC inline six which saw use across multiple models, including Chrysler Jeep models produced all the way up to 2006. Known as a particularly robust unit, the new owner of this intriguing build won’t have to worry about reliability. Concerns regarding beer stocks will be far more alarming when parked on Venice Beach.

1992 Jeep CJ Wrangler Custom

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