Modified For Adventure 1962 Willys Station Wagon

Aug 2, 2019 2 min read
Modified For Adventure 1962 Willys Station Wagon

This packs more power and more conveniences, but with those iconic looks.

Classic Auto Mall is offering the chance to own a rare and tastefully modified American classic vehicle, this 1962 Willys Station Wagon. It preserves the original exterior looks, which are quite iconic and promise to make your ride really stand out. Immediately, people will equate the front of this vehicle with Jeeps, and considering how much those iconic go-anywhere rides are, that’s not a bad thing.

Modified For Adventure 1962 Willys Station Wagon

Down the sides and especially the rear portion of this Willys there’s more a slab aesthetic, emphasizing this is a thing of utility and was designed for maximum interior space. Fold down the rear tailgate, which has nice wood inlays on the inside, and you reveal the spacious cargo area perfect for loading up outdoor equipment like bicycles, surfboards, tents, etc. Gray paint and a Dark Gray top accentuate the straight, beautiful body panels. Helping with the retro looks are Craga 17-inch wheels, plus red and black pinstriping in strategic areas.

Underneath all that is a 1991 Chevy S-10 chassis, so you don’t have to deal with the original corroded chassis. This wagon is powered by a 350ci V8 crate engine, which the seller says only has 7,000 miles. It quite literally breathes more life into the vehicle, making it faster and stronger than ever.

Aside from the tailgate, access to the interior is through the two front doors. All the seats have been removed, except for the two in the front, which leather seats donated from a 2009 GMC truck. Basic black carpeting keeps things simple. Instead of struggling with inoperative or sporadic controls and gauges, this wagon features modern components mounted in the center of the dash.

To say the Willys Station Wagon was a successful vehicle would be an understatement. Over 300,000 were sold during a production run of 1946 to 1964, and they were debatably the first SUVs, if not among the first. This one has been modernized, while keeping the original aesthetics, for a compelling combination.

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