Modesto Celebrates Classic American Cars With Graffiti Summer

Jun 7, 2019 2 min read
Modesto Celebrates Classic American Cars With Graffiti Summer

It’s a vintage vehicle celebration of epic proportions.

Few people realize the connection between Modesto, California and the man who created Star Wars. George Lucas grew up in the city and directed American Graffiti, which was released in 1973. To celebrate that iconic movie about kids modifying and racing their cars, the city of Modesto holds Graffiti Summer celebrations, including a free Graffiti Classic Car Parade the night of June 7 and the American Graffiti Festival over the weekend.

To join in the parade, cars need to have been made before 1980. That ensures every vehicle rolling down the streets in downtown Modesto is a true classic, transforming the scene into something that looks straight out of a movie.

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The North Modesto Kiwanis Club organizes the American Graffiti Festival and the Graffiti Classic Car Parade. Both have been running for 21 years now, and they show no signs of slowing down. Organizers are estimating about 1,500 classic cars will participate in the car show, with a good portion driving in the Friday night parade as well. That’s plenty of eye candy for anyone who’s a fan of old American steel.

And people come in droves, with tens of thousands descending on Modesto to ogle and cheer on the classic rides.

The celebrations stretch throughout the month of June. Beyond the parade and festival, the city of Modesto also hosts concerts featuring throwback tunes and other celebrations. There’s even a Graffiti-Con, which is a comic and car show where geeks in cosplay mingle with classic American cars on display. The event, which will be held on June 23 at the Modesto Centre Plaza in downtown Modesto, promises fun for grearheads and their families since there’s something for everyone.

If you plan to attend any of these Modesto American Graffiti Summer events, including the car parade, be prepared to park and walk. Multiple roads in downtown Modesto will be shut down starting in the afternoon, while the city expects plenty of traffic congestion as people search for parking.

Source and image credit: The Modesto Bee

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