Wild Customized 2018 Misfit No King 30 Element 13 Will Get You Noticed

Jul 5, 2019 2 min read
Wild Customized 2018 Misfit No King 30 Element 13 Will Get You Noticed

This bike is straight from the Discovery Channel show.

If you love to watch the Discovery Channel’s #BikerLive show, then you might already recognize this custom motorcycle. This 2018 Misfit No King 30 Element 13 is an in-you-face way to get around on two wheels in true style. Nobody else is going to be rolling around on this machine, making it the ultimate plaything for the person who has it all.

Wild Customized 2018 Misfit No King 30 Element 13 Will Get You Noticed

Featured on Season 1 Episode 3 of the series, this May 26, 2014 build is a true celebrity. It makes a strong statement from the first moment you lay eyes on the bike. A purple powder coated frame contrasts with the raw aluminum fenders, saddlebags, side covers, and tanks. Patina brass trim, including the grips, pegs, and air cleaner add a curiously rustic quality to the design. A humongous front wheel adds to the aggressive nature of this ride, ensuring nobody will be able to ignore it, no matter where you roll.

There’s tons of custom equipment on this bike, making it something that’s awesome to look at and ride. For example, it uses an S&S prototype 132CI X-Wedge dual plenum throttle body, and there are only four in existence.  Custom front brakes and Performance Machine rear brakes allow for quick stops and excellent control on the road. A 6-speed Baker transmission and custom 2-inch open belt primary by Evil Engineering help put power to the road. The ISR hand controls with brass accents are from Sweden, adding a foreign flair to the build.

Considering this motorcycle is a truly one-of-a-kind with meticulous attention paid to the smallest details, it’s quite the thing to add to your garage. Since it’s been on a popular TV show watched and loved by many, you can bet this bike will continue to appreciate in value as time passes on. Classic Car Liquidators is offering this motorcycle for sale.

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