Quest To Break The Million Mile Barrier In Lexus Comes To An End

Feb 25, 2019 2 min read
Quest To Break The Million Mile Barrier In Lexus Comes To An End

The social media juggernaut Matt Farrah has completed his mission to breach the magical million mile milestone in his LS400.

The LS400 has always been known as the pocket money executive barge, complete with a bullet proof 4.0 liter V8 and swathes of leather and nineties gadgetry, it’s perhaps the perfect car for a road trip across the States. This is the same thought process that Matt Farrah of YouTube had when he found the LS400 you see here. With a fairly significant 897,000 miles spread over its three previous owners, with one particular owner contributing 700,000 to that figure, his mission was simple - can a car with 1,000,000 miles on the clock be worth more than a car with 897,000.

With the help of a huge number of friends, this LS has been passed through the hands of many to help reach the magical milestone. What makes this quest even more remarkable is that the engine has never been opened, with the gearbox having just one rebuild and the majority of trim being totally original to the car.

It wasn’t long before this dour looking luxury barge became an internet sensation in the car fraternity, spanning multiple platforms and YouTube channels. Having been passed through the hands of pretty much everyone in North America we think it’s fair to say the old Lexus is somewhat of a village bicycle.

Million Mile Lexus LS400

To ensure the car has remained on the road Mr Farrah even went as far as purchasing commercial insurance, for that is how many people have taken the keys to this beast, including a couple who enjoyed a 10,000 mile adventure across the United States. Some YouTubers have had the pleasure of giving the sensational Lexus an inspection, and were surprised to find it in surprisingly good shape.

The major issues being non-existent suspension bushings and rear axle bushings, and of course enough oil leaks to create a live waterfall installation on your driveway. That said, despite having rather tropical leaks from practically every orifice, the LS400 was reported to use just a quart of oil every 1000 miles. That is the same as some AMG Mercedes vehicles are expected to use when driven off the forecourt for the first time, so pretty insane given the constant trickle.


Having just crossed the magical million mile barrier, we all congratulate Mr Farrah on his insane achievement, and wonder what retirement looks like for the venerable Lexus. The one question adoring fans had was naturally what happened after 999,999 miles appears on the dashboard. The answer: no much. It stays there forever, like a well deserved medal of honour. For some amazing photographs of the car search for the hashtag #millionmilelexus.

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