Luxury Blast From The Past: 1993 Nissan Gloria Gran Turismo

Jun 25, 2019 2 min read
Luxury Blast From The Past: 1993 Nissan Gloria Gran Turismo

It’s quite glorious. No pun intended.

The Gloria is a large luxury vehicle that was produced from 1959 all the way up until 2004 – spanning 11 generations of the car. It was initially made by the Prince Motor Company, and later by Nissan Motors since it merged with the former. Originally marketed as the Prince Gloria, it later became known as the Nissan Gloria for obvious reasons. With stylish design cues and meticulous attention to detail, this 1993 Nissan Gloria Gran Turismo is a real beauty. It’s up for sale by Rare Auto Garage in Monroe, Washington, a Japanese-influenced classic vehicle importing business. With a reasonable 44,500 original miles to the dash, this luxury car is certainly worth the $11,000 price tag.

Luxury Blast From The Past: 1993 Nissan Gloria Gran Turismo

This is a smart choice if you’re looking to start a VIP build or even just to keep it as is. The exterior pearl white paint is flawless without any major blemishes and shines like a dream. The Gloria Gran Turismo pictured here is the highest trim package available for the vehicle. It features a sleek rear spoiler with third brake light, badge-less OEM front grille, and classy circle headlights. This particular model is riding on deep-dish Starform aftermarket wheels that add to the sporty appeal.

Moving along to the interior, the grey Alcantara seats further the Gloria’s classy look and feel. The cabin looks clean and devoid of any unusual wear and tear. The dashboard, carpets, seats, and door sills appear to be in great condition. There are several drop-down control boxes and switches present to complement the fully electric-powered cabin. Unlike some other automakers, Nissan was very concentrated on quality with the Gloria. There is no cheap plastic to be found in the design of this luxury car; everything is made from solid materials.

Luxury Blast From The Past: 1993 Nissan Gloria Gran Turismo

This beauty is powered by the super-responsive 3.0-liter VG30DET V6 engine mated to a five-speed automatic transmission. It also comes equipped with a turbo and toggle switch for sport and performance modes. This car runs incredibly smooth and is a rare gem to find. You can even hear that turbo spool slightly over the sound of the deep exhaust note.

Don’t worry about this being an import though, as these vehicles are simple to part in a USDM market. It actually shares the same engine as the 300zx model, so you can run to your local parts store and find whatever you may need for this build. Those who have been dreaming of the ultimate JDM experience without compromising comfort or style, then this Nissan Gloria is for you!


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