Low-Mile 1991 BMW E34 M5 Is A Stellar Sedan

Jul 17, 2019 2 min read
Low-Mile 1991 BMW E34 M5 Is A Stellar Sedan

With just 32,000 miles, this collector-grade E34 M5 is a near-perfect example of one of the last hand-built BMW M cars.

BMW's 3rd-generation of the 5 Series, known as the E34, doesn't always receive the love it deserves. However, most people appreciate the range-topping and high-performance E34 M5, which was one of the last hand-built BMW M Performance vehicles. This 1991 BMW M5 is a low-mile example that will surely satisfy anyone's need for a strong sedan with a screamer of an inline 6-cylinder engine.

Gaudin Classic of Las Vegas, Nevada offers this E34 for sale. Every aspect of this car is in fantastic shape, from the Brilliant Red exterior paint to the all-original interior, which even sports a car phone – talk about a period-correct throwback item!

The seller mentions "most of these cars have seen regular use or play from aggressive drivers over the years," but that's not the case with this E34 M5. The exterior looks super smooth, with no dents or blemishes of any kind. This M5 features "throwing star" covers on the M-System wheels, and each of these wheels is in excellent condition.

Inside the cabin, you'll find a similarly pristine theme. The gray leather interior is very tidy and it almost looks like there's no wear at all, with no imperfections on the seats, nor any cracks in the dashboard material. As mentioned before, there's a car phone on board, and this example also features the original BMW factory radio.

Even though the E34 M5 was the last of the naturally aspirated six-cylinder M5 models, BMW went out with a bang. The 3.6-liter inline 6-cylinder engine produced an impressive 310-horsepower and 266 lb.-ft. of torque. Each M5 utilized a manual transmission, with this earlier model featuring a 5-speed gearbox to drive the rear wheels.

After taking a look at this beautiful E34 M5, it's hard not to fall in love with it. Check it out for yourself, and see if your collection is ready for this hand-built sedan.


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