Save The Day Using A Knight Industries Two-Thousand

Oct 8, 2019 2 min read
Save The Day Using A Knight Industries Two-Thousand

This faithful replica of the TV car is impressive.

If you watched television in the 1980s or have been lucky enough to catch reruns of Knight Rider, you know how truly awesome the Knight Industries Two-Thousand or KITT is. The Pontiac Trans Am loaded with a sassy AI kept David Hasselhoff’s character, Michael Knight, excellent company and got him out of all kinds of binds as the two fought crime. Thanks to Ideal Classic Cars, you can purchase this 1989 Knight Industries Two-Thousand, which is a meticulous recreation of the original TV car.

Save The Day Using A Knight Industries Two-Thousand

It’s not clear if the base car is a 1989 Pontiac Firebird or the hotter Trans Am, but it looks just like KITT. There’s the pointed nose cone with auxiliary lights down below, the notch for the red “laser” which constantly chases back and forth (the real indication back in the day that this one a hyper-advanced vehicle), those distinct black wheel covers (probably to protect against hand grenade explosions), a silky black coat of paint, plus the screen, digital gauges, buttons, and crazy steering wheel featured in the show.

Even the smallest details are recreated with astounding precision, like the labels on each glowing button in the dash, plus the red and black Knight Industries logo on the steering wheel. Both headrests have the Knight Industries crest, another fine detail most would miss. Just sitting in this car will trigger a flood of nostalgia.

While not everyone would recognize this car at first glance, most would, and virtually nobody will ignore its presence on the road or in a parking lot. This is the kind of vehicle you drive on the weekends to make people smile, including yourself. It was made for pure fun, maybe not the tire-smoking variety, but fun all the same.

To add this special something to your car collection, get in touch with Ideal Classic Cars directly.

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