Jungle Jack’s Annual Muscle Car Giveaway Returns With A Camaro RS

Apr 26, 2019 2 min read
Jungle Jack’s Annual Muscle Car Giveaway Returns With A Camaro RS

The annual Jack’s Wild Ride competition is back and for $100 you could be the proud new owner of this ‘68 Camaro RS

Jack Hanna, fondly known as Jungle Jack, is a national treasure. Regularly dubbed as the nicest bloke in show business, Mr Hanna’s passion for conservation and the Columbus Zoo is known to all, but most may be unaware of how they can get involved with his amazing work, and simultaneously drive home in a rather spicy muscle car, as seen on Motor1.

For the last nine years, Mr Hanna has been giving away muscle cars through prize draws to help donate money to the Columbus Zoo and their incredible efforts to protect their huge range of animals. For just $100 you can get involved too, and potentially drive away in this rather gorgeous Chevrolet Camaro convertible with the competitions ‘Jack’s Wild Ride’ namesake subtly showing on the hood scoop.

Jack Hanna's 'Wild Ride' 1968 Chevy Camaro RS Convertible

The Camaro in question is a ‘68 model in demonic looking black over black. Although we are unable to confirm, upon inspection it appears to be a 327 cubic inch V8 Rally Sport with an automatic gearbox, so right up our alley. Pete Estes famous quote still remains one of our favorites; after a journalist enquired at the launch what a Camaro was, Estes replied: ‘it’s a small, vicious animal that eats Mustangs for breakfast.’

Unlike many car raffles there is a fairly significant chance of winning, with just 1750 tickets becoming available. If you don’t get your lucky break for the first prize, you are still in with a chance of winning. Second prize is a $5000 Closet by Design package, third being a Meyers jewellers package and fourth offering a rather decent return on investment with a $1000 Visa card.

With some exceptional odds spread over four fantastic prizes, this is an opportunity not to be missed, especially when daydreaming about your next road trip involving this stunning ‘68 Camaro RS.

For more information on how to get involved, click here to purchase tickets for just $100 each. Good luck!

Source: Motor1

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