Is This The Coolest Challenger Available On The Market?

May 2, 2019 1 min read
Is This The Coolest Challenger Available On The Market?

This 1973 Challenger has a stunning Chrysler paint scheme taken from a modern palette, along with a 383 cubic-inch big block to keep you entertained

When the Challenger landed in 1969 it’s aim was to take on the pony car segment, and with the help of a certain film called Vanishing Point, it did a rather good job of it.

Renowned stunt driver, Carey Loftin, absolutely loved the 440 R/T Challenger the studios had provided thanks to its torsion bar suspension setup along with the rather biblical horsepower figures from the mighty 440 motor.

The Challenger was fairly cemented from that point as one badass whip, and many decades later found its name put back onto something with serious grunt - the second generation Challenger, launched in 2008 to date.

After a hiatus of fun with the Mitsubishi derived four cylinder model, the Challenger name has survived largely unscathed thanks to the first generation model and the current. The car offered here by Streetside Classics, however, is a rather different beast.

The most notable appearance shift is in the Chrysler derived color that resembles burnt orange. It looks glorious. Contrasting with the unique paint choice is some well placed black accents that suit the car beautifully.

Like its more modern offspring, this Challenger has had some custom work to the engine compartment to turn both inner headlights into an air induction system, much like on the modern day Hellcat Challengers, and we think that’s simply epic. Throw in some black US Mags wheels and this is truly evil.

Considering its sheer stage presence, this 1973 seems far too tempting to us at $39,995, especially when you think of the eruptions awaiting from that dual exhaust and 383 cubic-inch big block.

Despite its stance, ease of use is guaranteed thanks to an A727 three speed automatic transmission, along with power steering and front disc brakes - is there anything else you could possibly want?

For more information, visit Streetside Classics.

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