Historic 1923 Buick 45 Series Depot Hack Up For Grabs

Aug 30, 2019 2 min read
Historic 1923 Buick 45 Series Depot Hack Up For Grabs

Own a rare piece of American history.

GR Auto Gallery is pleased to present this historic 1923 Buick 45 Series Depot Hack. Currently sitting in a historic vehicle collection where it has resided for the past 12 years, this Depot Hack is ready for a new place to call home.

Historic 1923 Buick 45 Series Depot Hack Up For Grabs

What exactly is a Depot Hack? Back in the 1920s, a train station was called a train depot, and a taxi was known as a hack. Put it together, and a Depot Hack was the name of the taxi that would pick you up from the train station decades ago.

Before the Buick Master Six made its debut in 1925, the six-cylinder was stuffed inside high-end cars including this hack. The smaller, less-expensive cars were powered by four-cylinders. Starting in 1916 when this generation was introduced, different models were given a certain designation that would change annually. Those produced in 1921 to 1924 were known as Series 21 through Series 24 (1924) each ending in the model year. Letter labels were also given to certain models such as the Series D, which had different numeric tags such as 44, 45, 46, and 47, that determined if it was a touring car, roadster, sedan, or coupe.

Historic 1923 Buick 45 Series Depot Hack Up For Grabs

This beautifully restored hack was given a stunning wooden cab surrounded by red and black accents all around. Powering the Buick is a 242cui 6-cylinder engine connected to a 3-speed manual transmission. Open the wooden door to an unique red interior layout with a bench up front and two smaller seats out back.

If you’re looking to own a rare piece of American history, here’s your chance with this 1923 Buick 45 Series Depot Hack. Listed at $24,900, this unique hack would be the ultimate conversation starter at any automotive event. Feel free to make an offer here - if interested, be sure to contact GR Auto Gallery today.


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