Add Some Flare With A 1930 Cadillac 353 Fire Truck

Aug 27, 2019 2 min read
Add Some Flare With A 1930 Cadillac 353 Fire Truck

This vehicle is guaranteed to attract attention.

Classic fire trucks are some of the most amazing pieces of machinery to collect. While personal vehicles and even race cars have histories and personal connections, a fire truck was used to literally save lives. While not primarily made to be aesthetically pleasing, there’s a definite charm to these beasts of burden. Case in point, this 1930 Cadillac 353 Fire Truck which is up for sale.

Painted red, as is traditional for most fire trucks, this Caddie certainly looks like it saw some action. A thick patina tells stories of rushing to the scene of blazes, firefighters scrambling to pull out the hoses, smoke wafting over the paint, etc. While this classic hasn’t been restored, the chrome radiator housing headlight surrounds, and hubcaps shine like mirrors, heavily contrasting with everything else.

Still present in the rear are the orange fire hoses and the water tanks. Gold lettering on the engine cowling indicates this was the number one engine for Herndon Fire Co. If this vehicle could talk, the stories it would tell no doubt would be amazing.

Under the cowling is a nice 353ci V8, an engine Cadillac had perfected over time. These V8s run smooth as glass when they’re maintained properly, plus they have plenty of power on tap, which is partly why the Cadillac 353s were popular options for fire engine conversions. This Caddie rolls on the factory red wheels and appears to have fresh, period-correct whitewall tires, including spares mounted to the front fenders.

Many historians agree that the 1930 model year was pivotal for Cadillac as a brand. It was starting to really flex its muscles in the luxury market, riding high on the reputation of its V8 engine. Because of its popularity, Cadillac offered over 50 different body styles for the 353 chassis. This is your chance to own not only a legendary Cadillac, but also a piece of firefighting history. Use it to lead Fourth of July parades or really cause a stir at classic car shows. It’s a fun vehicle that with the right TLC could be absolutely amazing.

To make an offer, contact Saratoga Auto Auction.

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