Noted Georgia Car Collector George Bugg Dies

Oct 24, 2019 2 min read
Noted Georgia Car Collector George Bugg Dies

Antique Automobile Club of America representative passes at 83.

involved in car clubs and owned his own private collection. Bugg’s private collection included some of the most unique finds around, was often profiled by news outlets and featured at events, and often shown to other car clubs through the area.

“He probably had the biggest collection in north Georgia,” said classic car enthusiast John Wagner of Athens.

The cars from Bugg’s collection were staples in car shows and parades - this includes the Athens Christmas parade and festival parades in Colbert and Winterville as well. Bugg was a native of Laurens County and serves as the president of the Athens chapter of the Antique Automobile Club of America for 10 years.

Bugg once shared with a local media outlet that he had a Ford from every year between 1927 through 1969, excluding the World War II years. He also owned a few older Fords, with his oldest Ford being a 1912 Ford Model T. Vehicles weren’t limited to Fords and also included notable monikers like those found on the Studebaker Hawk, a Hudson Hornet, a 1947 Frazer, and a 1932 Hudson.

In his ownership was also the first car he ever purchased. Bugg owned his 1964 Chevy pickup truck that served as his workhorse when he owned an appliance store.

“Some of us were impressed that he cares also for the lowly 4-door sedans that were so common on the roads of yesterday but which are scorned today by so many enthusiasts,” a victory from a west Georgia car club noted about his collection.

Check out this video from 2011 when George talks about some of the cars he’s bought in an interview with classic car collector George Bugg. Produced for "The Boomers: Reflecting, Learning, Sharing."

And more from George in 2015 about his collection and stories…

Source: OnlineAthens

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