Festivals Of Speed Sets Up At Road Atlanta

Apr 29, 2019 2 min read
Festivals Of Speed Sets Up At Road Atlanta

Road Atlanta had a full venue this weekend!

As the automotive enthusiast scene seems to be ever changing, car owners and spectators need a solid venue to flock to in order to get their fix of good company and great cars. The Festivals of Speed offers just that! The event circuit brings together owners and enthusiasts of classics and modern collectibles.

“This weekend is more than just historic racing. Club corrals fill the Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta infield, free test drives are available, vendors offer amazing finds, great food and beverages are available, amazing camping opportunities and more make up this amazing weekend,” said the event organizers.

Festivals Of Speed Sets Up At Road Atlanta

This is not the only venue for the event, it has grown significantly in size, over several locations, since the early 2000s, “Festivals of Speed was founded in 2004 and for 13 consecutive years has produced held three to four large-scale events per year. Our mission is to provide upscale festivals where car enthusiasts and collectors of automobiles, motorcycles, aircraft, yachts and luxury products can join for a weekend of camaraderie and relaxation.

Weekend events offer guests the opportunity to sample and explore the wide variety of exceptional products and services our sponsors provide.

In addition to large-scale event production, Festivals of Speed specializes in automobile and luxury brand advertising and marketing. With access to the finest venues, exotic vehicles, rare wines/spirits, and an exclusive customer database, we have helped brands develop qualified leads and raise client retention for 14 consecutive years.”

Running in tandem with the FOS, was the historic Mitty races on the track at Road Atlanta. “The Historic Sports Car Racing, Festivals of Speed event “Mitty” is a celebration of motorsports. It’s past, present and future. It is a chance to see some of history’s finest racing machines take to the track and has been a Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta institution for more than 40 years.

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