How Much Does A Tokyo Drift 1967 Ford Mustang Restomod Cost?

Jun 6, 2019 3 min read
How Much Does A Tokyo Drift 1967 Ford Mustang Restomod Cost?

One of the Ford Mustangs tweaked by Universal Studios to perform drift scenes in The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift has surfaced for sale on the open market

A certified Fast & Furious film car has surfaced for sale! The powersliding 1967 Ford Mustang Restomod from 2006's The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift – featuring a 347ci V8 450hp powerplant – could be yours for $180k through RK Motors.

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However, the Mustang's employment as a documented stunt vehicle for the third instalment of the film franchise is only a small part of this Ford's cool history. Rolling out the factory in 1967 and straight into the arms of its first owner through legendary dealer Tasca Ford, the next 37 years would find the V8 thoroughbred passed from enthusiast to enthusiast on a cross-country tour.

1967 Ford Mustang Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift

Upon landing in California, the Ford underwent surgery to join a team of five other Mustangs (comprising of both 1967 and 1968 models) prepped for use by Universal Studios.

While the internet dictates that all Mustangs from Tokyo Drift were installed with the drivetrain from Nissan's Skyline, contrary to popular belief, only the hero vehicle received such treatment. Even then, that garage queen was used purely for close-up shots.


The stunt cars were instead all-American. Combining trick suspension with V8 power, the film's engineers found the older push-rod engines produced power for the drifting scenes where they needed it; low in the rev range, rather than sky high. That's where this drop-dead gorgeous coupe comes in.

As one of the cars tasked with on-screen drifting duties, the Roush V8 running gear has been fettled to produce a thundering amount of power. For furthered exclusivity, this film star is one of only three survivors from the group known to still exist, alongside one other V8-powered Mustang and the Skyline-infused 'beauty queen'.

1967 Ford Mustang

After filming had wrapped, the Mustang was sold in unrestored form to an enthusiast in Southern California. By 2011, the Tokyo Drift vehicle rested in the showroom of a Florida classic car dealer. That's when the restorer entered the scene. He wasn't planning on purchasing the project, but the Mustangs retro charm clearly radiated across the forecourt like a bomb blast.

Appearing used and abused, the Mustang was taken home by the new owner; who had plans to revive the Ford to its former glory. As daily drivers go, that's pretty awesome.

1967 Ford Mustang

After a 6-year, ground-up restoration, the F&F stunt car finally hit the road again in 2017. It was no run-of-the-mill garage build, either. Most of the work was completed by the professionals at RA Motorsports.  

So, seeking a Mustang with a difference that boasts of film stardom in possibly the greatest movie franchise of them all? This 1967 Ford Mustang is available for viewing through RK Motors.

1967 Ford Mustang
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