Electric GT Offers EV Crate Motor For Classics

Dec 26, 2019 2 min read
Electric GT Offers EV Crate Motor For Classics

Could "EV Swap" become the "LS Swap" of the future?

The topic of classic EV conversions was definitely a hot-button issue in 2019, and if the idea of an EV-converted classic car is offensive to you, the future is going to be rough! Most of the EV conversions announced this year were either developed by an automaker or a private company with a specific type of vehicle in mind, California-based Electric GT has developed a series of plug and play motor systems to transform some of the most iconic classic cars into all-electric restomods.

Electric GT Offers EV Crate Motor For Classics

Rather than limiting EV conversions to one kind of vehicle, Electric GT currently has systems designs for popular classics including the Toyota FJ40, Ferrari 308/328 and Fiat 124, and it also lists conversions for the Ford Mustang, Ford Bronco, Porsche 911/912, VW Beetle, VW Bus and the BMW 2002. If your classic isn't on this list don't worry, Electric GT is capable of building EV conversions for custom applications as well.

Where Electric GT is likely to win over classic car enthusiasts who might be otherwise hesitant is the fact that these conversions can keep the car's original manual transmission. The electric motors are combined into a single unit with all the necessary computer controls to form a create motor that actually resembles a V8 engine. The battery packs are repurposed from Tesla, and they fit in the space designed for the car's gasoline tank. With this design, the EV conversion is easily reversible, and fully capable for experienced do-it-yourself enthusiasts.

Electric GT Offers EV Crate Motor For Classics

Electric GT's first project was a junkyard Ferrari 308 that had suffered severe fire damage, but the company soon learned that the car's race-inspired chassis design made it a perfect candidate to receive an EV powertrain. That ended up being the world's first electric Ferrari 308, and it was the springboard for the development of other EV conversions. Prices range from $32,500 for one of the pre-designed setups up to over $80,000 for custom builds.

h/t: InsideHook

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