This Insane DeLorean DMC-12 Restomod Should Be A Thing

Jan 14, 2020 2 min read
This Insane DeLorean DMC-12 Restomod Should Be A Thing

Seriously, somebody jump on this.

Not many can say that they've seen a modernized DMC DeLorean in person. It's a car that holds value in its stock form and the ones you stumble across at car shows are usually factory all the way down to the smallest detail. While purists may not be so delighted, we wouldn't mind seeing this 3D rendering brought to life. This work of art was designed by Brazilian artist Thiagod3sign, as he's known on Instagram.

The DeLorean's normally unpainted stainless steel body has been blanketed in a glossy black, and its hips don't lie with the addition of fabricated widened arches. There's no denying the modern approach with the edition of modern LED lights. Out back sits a ducktail spoiler, a large splitter, and dual exhaust. This DeLorean is lowered with a set of black deep-dish wheels wrapped with low profile tires. When looking at the rear, a roll cage can be seen inside when checking out his Instagram page here.

This Insane DeLorean DMC-12 Restomod Should Be A Thing

Since no pictures have been posted, we can only imagine that the interior is as wild as its exterior. The original DeLorean wasn't exactly a powerhouse, so we can bet it would be stuffed with something modern and potent. The DeLorean was never an aggressive-appearing car, but it features a menacing look dressed in all-black. No doubt, this modernized time machine is a fun rendering, and would be a delightful shock to see in person whether it is up your alley or not.

Thisgod3sign's Instagram is actually full of incredible 3D designs that he created of all kinds of different cars. There's no doubt the amount of talent and time put into each rendering, and each one would make a fun SEMA car. Every one of his designs has such a realistic feel that would have some questioning whether this is an actual build or not.

Source: GT Nation


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