Visit David Brown Automotive's Retro Setpiece At Geneva

Mar 6, 2019 2 min read
David Brown Automotive at Geneva

The retro brand is bringing examples of its current vehicle line-up to the Geneva Motor Show

David Brown Automotive, not to be confused with former Aston Martin owner David Brown, is currently showing off its latest products at the Geneva Motor Show.

The Speedback GT and Mini Remastered, retro models based on the Jaguar XK and the original Mini, have been the firm’s claim to fame since its inception in 2013 and examples of each are present in Geneva.

There are three versions of the Mini Remastered, each with a different combination of buyable options. One has a ‘Dark Necessities’ finish, a combination of black and gold flake and a gold roof coachline, and comes with an all-black interior.

That ‘rock ‘n’ roll’ theme is contrasted by the ‘beach’ theme Mini Remastered, which has a panoramic sunroof, marine-grade waterproof leather (in case you drive it into the ocean, clearly) and a three-layer exterior with glass pillars.

David Brown Automotive at Geneva

The last of the three cars is themed around the fun you can have on the ski slopes, with bespoke mountain-scape graphics, bonnet straps, genuine British sheepskin wool mats and a handcrafted, bespoke picnic set. What really makes this car the perfect mountain runaround is the stainless steel roof rack designed to hold your favourite set of skis.

Simultaneously looking like sportscars of old and new aerodynamic creations, the two Speedback GTs have been developed in partnership with Avon Tyres to fit the car’s wire wheels. Yep, a 21st century sportscar with wire wheels. This is a serious safety matter though, as the loads that such wheels get put under with current performance levels requires a tyre with a strong sidewall.

While the specially designed tyres fit the car, there’s also work to make a Speedback GT watch to fit wrists too. The interior of the sportscar is filled with chevron-impressed Nubuck leather, also has a picnic set and has a bespoke whisky bottle holder. But beware, do not drink and drive.

To check out DBA’s mixture of the old and new, visit Stand 2142 in Hall 2 at Geneva, where you’ll immediately be transported to the past (sort of).

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