Seven Jaguar E-types Lead Sale Of Car Colleciton Needing TLC

Jan 15, 2019 2 min read
Danish private collection for sale

Looking for a classic sports car but don't have the money for one in top condition? This auction may be just for you.

British auction firm Anglia Car Auctions will be holding its first classic car sale of 2019 on Saturday January 26, and will host a private collection based in Denmark that includes 18 all-time classics. Despite the big name vehicles on offer, which includes over half a dozen Jaguar E-types, some of them could go for prices that don’t break the bank.

All appear to be project cars, some only needing a little restoration and others appearing to require a lot of work before they’re driven on the road in anger. It appears the cold air of the far North has done none of these cars any good.

Most were purchased in the United States in the late 1980s and early ‘90s, although the cars themselves are far older than that. There are seven Jaguar E-types in all, ranging from a first generation ‘63 car all the way through to a ‘73 Series 3 vehicle.

Danish private collection for sale

The oldest Jaguar in the collection is a 1952 XK120 roadster, powered by a 3.4-litre straight-six. They were assembled in Coventry, but XK120s were used across the world for racing, rallying and high-speed record runs. A fixed-head coupe version of the XK120 is also included in the collection.

Italy is represented in the collection by a pair of potential restoration gems; a 1959 Maserati 3500 GT and a 1964 Ferrari 330GT. Both have large, high-revving engines, and have a 2+2 seating layout, meaning you can cram two small passengers in the back to take them on the ride of their lives. With prices for both cars breaking six figures when in good condition, there's a potential bargain to be had.

Triumph fans will be interested in the 1960 TR3 model included in the collection, which looks one of the most roadworthy from the auction house photos. It’s finished in a light cream, has a rear luggage rack and a fabric roof.

A direct rival of the TR3 when it first went on sale was the MG MGA, two of which feature in the sale. Both are high performance Twincam models, featuring a 1.6-litre four-cylinder engine.

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