Go Low In This Custom ’72 Chevy Blazer C10 2WD

Jul 19, 2019 2 min read
Go Low In This Custom ’72 Chevy Blazer C10 2WD

Rare 4x2 Blazer needs a new owner.

While most folks know Chevrolet’s K5 Blazer as a rugged off-road machine, the company manufactured some models in a 2-wheel-drive configuration, which are very popular amongst those who enjoy lowering the ride height on their trucks. With that said, this 1972 Chevrolet Blazer C10 2WD is an excellent example of a modified 2WD truck.

Go Low In This Custom ’72 Chevy Blazer C10 2WD

GAA Classic Car Auctions in Greensboro, North Carolina offers this customized K5 for auction. The gleaming orange exterior paint shines brightly, and it makes this unique truck stand out. Additionally, there are a variety of modifications, such as new 22-inch wheels from U.S. Mags with fresh tires, and drop spindle suspension, which provides a 3-inch drop in ride height.

Inside the cabin, you’ll find black bucket seats with a center console. There are also various comfort features on board, such as a more modern Alpine radio, a 5,000-rpm tachometer, power steering, power brakes, and the factory-option air conditioning system. Additionally, the vehicle’s sale includes the truck’s factory white hardtop.

Go Low In This Custom ’72 Chevy Blazer C10 2WD

This C10 Blazer features a 350 cu.-in. V8 engine, which pairs to a Turbo 350 automatic transmission to drive the rear wheels. The engine makes 250 horsepower, and it will surely be a reliable powerplant for this custom Chevy truck.

Trucks are undoubtedly built with a practical purpose, but it’s hard to deny that they look so good with even the slightest drop in ride height. On that note, this C10 Blazer will provide its owner with the best of both worlds – the ride height isn’t low to the point where it is impractical to drive on a regular basis, but it’s absolutely distinctive enough to turn plenty of heads while cruising around. This orange Chevy will surely make an excellent addition to anyone’s truck collection, especially if they appreciate unique and customized examples like this.


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