Custom 1971 Ford Bronco Will Roll Right Into Your Dreams

Jun 21, 2019 2 min read
Custom 1971 Ford Bronco Will Roll Right Into Your Dreams

This truck is built to perfection.

One surefire way to get people excited on any trail or car show is to roll up in the mesmerizing custom 1971 Ford Bronco. It’s a super clean SUV from a time when SUVs weren’t glorified grocery getters, but instead were unapologetic trucks. This rig has all the right upgrades to make it functional eye candy.

Custom 1971 Ford Bronco Will Roll Right Into Your Dreams

The black paint job looks amazing and it really lets the white Ford logos, badges, and chrome bumpers pop. The blacked-out grille emphasizes the iconic round headlights. Even the bikini soft top, seats, and roll bars are black, so they just kind of blend in with everything else.

This thing rolls hard on big 33-inch BFG tires wrapped around tough-looking Fuel Revolver wheels, plus there’s a nice lift to accommodate all that sidewall height, so you get to hoist yourself up and inside. That means better approach, departure, and breakover angles so getting over obstacles is easier and more realistic.

A three-speed manual transmission mounted to the floor lets you have better control over the 302ci V8 engine. That maximizes fun and allows you to handle tough trail conditions better. Power steering is included, plus there are power front disc brakes being added for even better control.

Like the exterior, the interior is almost all black with some silver highlights. While there are numerous upgrades to make it more luxurious than the original setup, this Bronco still has its vintage gauges and controls, plus some additional gauges mounted at the bottom of the dash. A new sound system lets you listen to your tunes on your terms. Rubber floormats help with cleanup after you’re done playing outside. A locking glovebox will keep your valuables safe while you’re away.

Collectors and enthusiasts alike go crazy for vintage Ford Broncos, especially the first generation models like this one. Prices continue to climb steadily, and we should see a nice bump once the new Bronco is launched by Ford in the near future. That’s why getting this 1971 from Maxlider Brothers Customs would be a solid investment.

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