Pond Find: Divers Pull Out Chevy Corvette Submerged For Decades

Sep 12, 2019 2 min read
Pond Find: Divers Pull Out Chevy Corvette Submerged For Decades

Rumored to be stolen and abandoned between 20-30 years ago


It's like one of those random 3 a.m. thoughts that creep into your head when you can't sleep. How many cars are sitting at the bottom of ponds, rivers, and lake beds? It's probably way more than we realize. Whether it is due to a crash or insurance fraud, these instances seem to be all too common. This is a scene that may make any car enthusiast's heart hurt clench just a little, so viewer discretion is advised.

Divers Pull Out Chevy Corvette Submerged Underwater For Decades

Rumor has it that this Chevy Corvette was stolen either in the late '80s or early '90s, but it is still unsure if it was actually stolen or if it was dumped at a boat launch to commit insurance fraud. The latter may seem more accurate since calls to contact the owner after it was found have been unsuccessful, and they were told he had fled the country.

The Corvette was found about 3 years ago, but the Sheriff's office attempts to pull it to the surface were unsuccessful thanks to lack of equipment to lift the car over a large log. Due to years of silt and muck accumulating inside the car through its open t-tops, the car is much heavier than it would normally be. It is also missing the driver's side front wheel from the last attempt to bring it to the surface.

Divers Pull Out Chevy Corvette Submerged For Decades

What's even crazier is that this Corvette isn't the only car sitting at the bottom of this boat ramp. A Jaguar and a Beetle were underwater neighbors to the yellow American classic. Although seeing such a potentially beautiful car ruined is heartbreaking, watching the recovery process is quite interesting. Lifters were installed that filled with air and basically lifted the car from the bottom of the river. From there, they attached the tow hooks and slowly brought the car on land.

Source: Speed Society


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