Cord Revival Works To Build Awareness

Aug 20, 2019 2 min read
Cord Revival Works to Build Awareness

Everyone should know the Cord name.

Sadly, most people today have never heard of Cord automobiles. Cord Revival is working to raise awareness of the American automaker’s unique past and generate greater respect for what the brand did. While those might seem like difficult tasks, once people understand what Cord was about, there will be no need to convince them of the legendary legacy.

Cord Revival Works to Build Awareness

After successfully turning Auburn Automobile Company around in the mid-20s, E.L. Cord launched the Cord L-29, the first car to bear his name. Beautiful and luxurious, the L-29 also introduced quite a few innovative features to the automotive industry. For example, it was the first American car with front-wheel drive.

In 1935 Cord made a huge stir when it debuted the 810 and 812 at the New York Auto Show. Both featured a flattened nose with louvers for the grille, which quickly was nicknamed “Coffin Nose.” That sleek front end also contained hidden headlights the driver operated by hand crank, raising and lowering them from the front fenders. It was another first for American cars.

Sadly, Cord production ceased in 1937. It would take about two decades before many of the innovative designs would be incorporated into mainstream vehicle production in the United States. That wasn’t the end of the Cord, with a new 810 produced in Oklahoma in 1960, and the brand completely revived in 2014 with modern drivetrain technology.

Through Cord Revival, you can track down either a classic Cord or one of the limited modern models. Also available on the site are Cord-branded products like pens, leather bags, and shirts for you to show your loyalty and help spread to word to others. The company also updates users on the latest news related to Cord automobiles, so you stay up with modern developments. With how rare Cords are these days, the website is the perfect place for fans, future owners, and even current owners to stay informed and connect with resources.

To see some of these examples that are up for grabs, stay tuned for The Auburn Auction by Worldwide Auctioneers that starts next week.

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