1972 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Is One Slick Cruiser

Jul 21, 2019 2 min read
1972 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Is One Slick Cruiser

Chevy's answer to the personal luxury car.

The 1972 model year was the final year for the first-gen Monte Carlo, and this body style is arguably one of the best in the car's 37-year run. The 1972 Chevy Monte Carlo is by far no rarity with more than 180,000 units sold that year earning it the title of America's most attainable luxury car, but it's getting increasingly difficult to find one in great condition. While most of today's early Montes resemble something more along the lines of what Ace Ventura drove, this Monte Carlo being sold by Autoform of Vancouver, Canada is in amazing shape.

From the outside, the Monte Carlo's lines look amazing with seemingly perfect body gaps not to mention to the depth of that black paint accented by the vinyl roof. Being a luxury car, the Monte Carlo has lots of exterior chrome, and this car's seems to be in flawless condition. Even the rally wheels look as good as they did back in '72.

In 1972, Chevrolet gave the Monte Carlo a more luxurious-looking front end with an egg crate grille, and the front bumper was cleaned up by moving the turn signals from the bumper up into the grille area. This latter trend hinted at the next-generation Monte Carlo design, and this styling element continued until 1976 when the facelifted second-gen Monte Carlo saw the turn signals move back down into the bumper. The 1972's updated grille and bumper gave that Monte Carlo a much cleaner appearance.

The inside is just as clean, too, with all the black vinyl and wood trim looking wear-free. The Monte Carlo featured front bucket seats and a center console with this car sporting the automatic transmission. Under the hood, this car is equipped with the optional 402 CID V-8 giving it plenty of muscle to back up its luxury looks.

Best of all, this 1972 Chevy Monte Carlo can be your for $34,995 in Canadian dollars (or about $26,800 USD in current exchange rates).


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