Check Out Fernando Alonso's Museum

Apr 3, 2019 2 min read
Check Out Fernando Alonso's Museum

This video takes you inside the museum of the double F1 World Champion and 2018 Le Mans 24 Hour winner.

Fernando Alonso struggled in Formula 1 over the past few seasons, but not through lack of talent, but largely due to an absence of competitive cars. In fact, he has now taken some time out of F1 to pursue the ‘triple crown’ consisting of the Monaco Grand Prix, victory at the Le Mans 24 Hours, and winning the Indy 500 in America. With the F1 and Le Mans boxes already ticked, he is now in search of that final title. He leaves quite a legacy in the top tier of motorsport.

YouTuber Seen Through Glass takes a trip to the Fernando Alonso Museum in Spain where the famed driver’s career is on display. The story begins with his first venture into competitive motorsport in karting, and progressively moving up into more powerful karting formula. His first 1985 kart certainly shows how far even this junior series has some come the decades.'

The next chronological step is to the Nissan-powered Euro Open car, and one from his time in Formula 3000. These feeder series play a critical role in preparing a driver for their time in Formula 1. The racing is extremely competitive with only a handful of individuals ever realizing their dream.

Alonso’s first F1 appearance was with the then struggling Minardi F1 team. He was effectively in contract with Renault, but was on loan to Minardi in order to gain experience. Clearly talented, his move to the Renault F1 team supplied his first ever F1 world championship in 2003. However, his 2004 season wasn’t as fruitful, and so he would have to wait another year for his second title with Renault.

Other Renaults on display were less successful, with one actually being directly related to the controversial ‘crashgate’ race. Alonso’s tamale was instructed to crash in orderer to create a beneficial scenario for the other Renault car.

Alonso went on to join Ferrari for several seasons, and while coming close on a couple of occasions, the Spaniard failed to acquire another world title. However frustrating his Ferrari years were, they were nothing compared to his final few seasons with McLaren. Simply uncompetitive, the McLaren cars suffered from lack of pace and serious reliability issues.

The latest addition to the vast museum was his Indy 500 car of last year that came very close to achieving the triple crown. Ironically, it was a Honda engine issue that prevented this — the same power unit manufacturer that plagued his time with McLaren in F1.

Since around 2004, it has been in every one of Alonso’s contracts that he keeps an example of each car he drives for display in the museum. It looks to be a mighty impressive place to go and see motorsport history up close.

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Source: YouTube

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