Can-Am Winning 1977 Schkee DB-1 Comes With Provenance For $249K

Dec 24, 2019 1 min read
Can-Am Winning 1977 Schkee DB-1 Comes With Provenance For $249K

What more could you ask for than a race-winning, classic racecar?

Collecting cars is one thing, but collecting race cars is an entirely different rabbit hole to venture down when creating a car collection. Sure it helps to have something piloted by a famous racecar driver, but finding a unique car with race-winning provenance is even more special. And that's just what The Stables has up for sale with this 1977 Schkee DB-1 racer.

That win came at the opening of the 1977 Can-Am season at the Mont-Tremblant Circuit in Quebec, Canada, and American racecar driver Tom Klauser was behind the wheel. Designed to go up against Lola chassis cars of that era, the Schkee (pronounced sha-kee) pulled off a dominating win at that race finishing a whole lap ahead of the second-place Lola.

The Schkee DB-1 was an interesting-looking racecar to say the least, but weren't all racecars back then? The car featured elements such as an open-roof cockpit with faired-in rear wheels and a tall, integrated rear spoiler. And without the body work in place, it looks like a '70s sci-fi spaceship!

Behind the driver sits a 5.0-liter Chevrolet V-8, and current photos show that this racecar is still in excellent condition. This car would be unique entrant to any concours d'elegance or vintage race.

Adding a race-winning car to your collection is possible, but it doesn't come cheap. This Schkee DB-1 racer is currently listed for sale at $249,000, and judging by the condition and race provenance, it's worth the price.

As an added bonus, though, here's a video of this car in action back in the day posted by Doug Schulz, the race team's owner, as well as some really cool photos of the car's winning day.


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