Blast Through Any Desert With This 1995 Ford F-150 Pre Runner

Apr 30, 2019 2 min read
Blast Through Any Desert With This 1995 Ford F-150 Pre Runner

This is no ordinary F-150, not at all.

At first glance, this 1995 Ford F-150 Pre Runner looks like a lightly modified F-150, but it goes far beyond that. Instead, this unique truck has been fabricated for extreme desert racing, making it the precursor for the Raptor we have today. All this amazing utility with an intimidating look can be yours, thanks to Streetside Classics.

The first thing anyone notices is the exterior mods which are designed to enhance the trail-worthiness of this truck. Flared-out Hanneman front and rear fiberglass fenders accommodate the fat tires. Custom front and rear bumpers can take serious hits and have and are angled for better approach and departure.

The custom suspension and huge lift improve ground clearance, so you don’t get hung up on obstacles easily. A Glassworks fiberglass hood is secured by hood pins and lifts off, cutting down on curb weight. There’s even a full-connected exterior-to-cab-to-bed roll cage for additional protection and increased frame rigidity. While the paint isn’t perfect, it proudly wears battle scars from competitive racing, adding to the truck’s street cred.

Backing up those looks is a potent Ford 460 ci V8 with an Edelbrock 650CFM 4-barrel carb and an Edelbrock aluminum intake. The motor was rebuilt recently, and it works with a C6 automatic transmission plus a gusseted Currie 9-inch POSI rear-end with 4.56 gears for heavy-duty performance. The oversized radiator and dual electric fans keep everything running cool, even in blazing hot temperatures.

More racing mods are featured in the cab, making for a unique and fun experience. The six-point roll cage is reassuring, but it doesn’t squeeze you like in the interior of a car. Three Beard suspension racing seats and five-point harnesses keep everyone in place as you launch off jumps and hit bumps in the trail.

There’s no windshield to cut down on weight, while the dash has been hacked down to make room for new switch panels. Even though it’s race-oriented, the cab still has the factory carpeting, door panels, plus an aftermarket CD player and Lawrence Baja GPS unit.

It’s not every day a Ford F-150 Pre Runner comes up for sale, so you might not have this kind of opportunity again. While this classic certainly will cruise through town and turn heads at car shows, it can also hold its own on trails, providing loads of weekend entertainment.

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