Rare, Loaded Pontiac Uncovered By Barn Find Hunter

Sep 25, 2019 2 min read
Rare, Loaded Pontiac Uncovered By Barn Find Hunter

Check out Tom once again working his magic in middle America.

Watching Tom at work on Barn Find Hunter is truly inspiring. It’s obvious he’s having a blast while doing what can be frustrating, difficult work. Of course the video is edited to show only the most interesting and successful moments of his time, but he’s charismatic enough to make those moments really shine. And during Episode 62 he hits amazing pay dirt while trolling a small town for classic cars on his way to McPherson, Kansas.


The big highlight of this episode is when Tom uncovers a late 1940s Pontiac Streamliner that’s been tucked away in an automotive shop for at least 15 years. The car is still wearing license plates from 1956, so most likely it’s been off the road for many decades. Considering the heaving coating of dust and cobwebs over the two-tone paint, that’s easy to believe.

Despite some dents and other blemishes, the Pontiac is a beauty and it retains the original trim pieces and hubcaps. On top of that, the car is loaded with extras like a windshield visor, big radio, etc. The car belongs to the owner of the shop, who is elderly, and he doesn’t seem willing to sell it, but it’s still an incredible discovery.

Tom also spotted an old Chevy Impala in front of an automotive shop. The first thing that caught his eye, however, was the slammed and highly customized modern GM pickups parked prominently. Knowing there were enthusiasts working there, he decided to drive by and see what else was around, which worked.

Persistence pays off, as does having a good eye. Tom has obviously practiced what to look for when cruising through different areas. Automotive shops can be good places to find classic cars, especially when modified vehicles are sitting out front, like in this scenario. Properties with a considerable amount of clutter around them are also good for potential finds.

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