Check Out This Howling Alfa Romeo GTA Hotrod

Feb 11, 2020 2 min read
Check Out This Howling Alfa Romeo GTA Hotrod

This is the true Italian stallion.

Quite a few people firmly believe the best cars are built, not bought, but you have to start with a good base. This 1967 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT has been transformed into a GTA hotrod which is essentially a street-legal track machine. Owned by Gaston Rossato, he shows it off with Renzo Rossato at The Barn Miami where they sell all kinds of cars.

It’s obvious to anyone who knows classic Alfa Romeos that this car is now far from stock. Roman Tucker of Roman Auto Prep owned it previously. He’s an expert on GTAs and decided to build this as a tribute to the great racer. This means the bumpers are removed, plus other parts have been swapped, like the front grille, bottom air intake cutouts, door handles, and windows. There’s a nice roll cage inside, plus Recaro race seats, a Momo steering wheel, and a dash without the glovebox or radio, demonstrating this car is all about performance and nothing more.

Looking the part doesn’t make up all the fun this car has to offer. New suspension parts, including sport springs, Koni shocks, a rear limited-slip differential, and an upgraded front sway bar, translate into much tighter and responsive handling.

The engine has been swapped to a 2L with all kinds of internal upgrades like high-compression pistons and more aggressive camshaft. That engine mates to a 5-speed transmission with new synchronizers and clutch for the ultimate engagement. A side-exit exhaust adds a nice sound as this car accelerates down the street.

Gaston calls this car his “pride and joy,” but he doesn’t seem to be completely closed off to selling it. Of course, it would have to be for the right price, meaning he won’t let go of it easily. After all, the man has plans for this hotrod, including a high-performance exhaust and carb trumpets.

Finding a cool car like this can be difficult, but The Barn Miami has a nice car finder service which can help. That could be the way to find your dream vehicle you can never manage to track down. Also, if you need to clear garage space, they help with that as well. Contact them with any questions.

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