605-Horsepower Second Gen Camaro Is Heading To The Auction Block

Apr 29, 2019 2 min read
605-Horsepower Second Gen Camaro Is Heading To The Auction Block

This second generation Camaro RS Pro Touring features some tasteful restomods and an LS6 engine.

As the angriest looking of all Camaro’s, this second generation model means business. With the unmistakable shark mouth front end, this 1971 RS Pro Touring version looks like it could cause some damage.

Offered by GAA Classic Car Auctions, the model features some rather drastic performance enhancements to match its menacing demeanor. Gone is the original engine, and in its place a 5.7 liter LS6 with a Magnuson blower strapped to its chest. The result likely puts the hairs on the back of your neck to attention, thanks to the 605-horsepower that it produces.

Harnessing this wave of fury is a five speed manual Tremec transmission, along with some Baer brakes to ensure you don’t land in another state unexpectedly. Quick ratio steering and a set of Recaro high back race seats complete the setup.

The second generation Camaro was much bigger than the original, yet despite its additional girth Road & Track claimed the 1971 SS350 as one of the top 10 best cars in the world. Quite insane praise, then. Although this example of the same year may not appear as the manufacturer intended, you can guarantee a more modern set of driving dynamics, thanks to the aforementioned upgrades.

Look underneath, and shiny suspension components and a floor pan clean enough to eat off will stare back at you. A set of modern instruments greet you inside, with the odometer reading just 39 miles. One assumes this project has very recently been completed.

Like the Pontiac Trans Am, both used the F-Body platform and remained in production until the death of the muscle car era in 1981. While Pete Estes of GM that the original Camaro was ‘a small vicious animal that ate Mustang’s for breakfast’, perhaps this second generation really rubbed that notion into the public’s eye. While the Mustang couldn’t endure the oil starvation of the Arab Oil Embargo, somehow the Camaro kept up its displacement until its successor in 1982.

For more information on this Camaro, visit GAA Classic Car Auctions.

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