Smoke ‘Em With This 2014 Chevy SS Hennessey HPE600 Supercharged

Feb 4, 2020 2 min read
Smoke ‘Em With This 2014 Chevy SS Hennessey HPE600 Supercharged

This is the sleeper sedan you’ve been looking for.

Not to be confused with the Super Sport versions of other Chevy models like the Camaro or Chevelle, the Chevrolet SS was a greatly unappreciated performance sedan. While its looks weren’t exactly inspiring, they make for the perfect sleeper car. This particular 2014 Chevrolet SS Hennessey HPE600 Supercharged has been blown and tuned by the famous Texas shop so it’s pushing enough performance to eat most muscle cars and BMW M5s for lunch.

Smoke ‘Em With This 2014 Chevy SS Hennessey HPE600 Supercharged

They’ll never see you coming in this Chevrolet. Phantom Black Pearl paint looks appropriately sinister without being too much. You could smoke some of the lenses and slap on black wheels to make this machine stand out more, or leave it as-is for a more subtle threat. The only real indication on the nearly-perfect exterior that even hints at what this Chevy is all about is the Hennessey badges on the trunk lid and front fenders.

Of course, you know this isn’t some innocent family hauler. Even in OE form it’s a rocket on wheels, but after Hennessey Performance took it in nothing was ever the same. Bolted onto that 6.2-liter LS3 V8 is a 2.9-liter supercharger, plus a Hennessey air induction system, high-flow fuel injectors, upgraded fuel system, HPE pulley, and dyno tuning. Through all those tweaks, the engine brutalizes the tires with 600-horsepower.

This car comes with a slick 6-speed automatic transmission. If you want to take over, paddle shifters mounted on the steering wheel give you that option. Thankfully a MagneRide suspension keeps the tires firmly planted on the pavement, without punishing your or your passengers, so you enjoy optimal control. Brembo brakes and Goodyear Eagle F1 tires also help with control.

It’s a nice bonus that this car comes with a comfortable interior. Black leather seats with Alcantara inserts are a touch you might not anticipate in a Chevy, and they look fantastic. A thick, flat-bottom performance steering wheel, clear gauges, and aluminum pedals make this a car you’ll love driving anywhere. Plus, your passengers will appreciate the large backseat.

One of only 100 Chevrolet SS sedans to get this treatment, you’re not going to stumble across these special cars very often. A plaque under the hood confirms this is car 4 out of 100. If you want to grab this amazing car, contact Streetside Classics.

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