2011 Factory Five GTM Is A Professionally Built Supercar On A Budget

Jun 5, 2019 1 min read
2011 Factory Five GTM Is A Professionally Built Supercar On A Budget

Take this thing to the local track and light it on fire.

Everyone wants the experience of driving a supercar, but most people know owning one just isn’t a reality. This 2011 Factory Five GTM makes that fantasy an achievable reality. If you think that’s too good to be true, it actually really isn’t.

What matters most about this car is the solid powertrain, which really brings it. A mid-mounted LS3 V8 engine supplies all the power you need to blow away the competition, while a six-speed manual transmission sends power to the rear wheels. Bolted onto it are custom ceramic-coated Kooks headers plus exhaust pipes. Dual exhaust fans help keep everything running cool, even when you’re flogging this supercar around the track. Brakes sourced from a Corvette, plus coil overs for all four corners and unequal length control arms, perfect for reigning in this beast. It also wears 8x9-inch front wheels and 18x12-inch rear forged aluminum wheels with Toyo Proxes tires wrapped around both.

Thankfully with all that impressive groundwork, the flashy looks of this GTM isn’t without substance. A sophisticated black paint job and tasteful white racing stripes perfectly accentuates the curvaceous composite body panels. The carbon fiber rear wing is functional, as is the front splitter. Hiding under all that is a super-rigid space frame, which is also lightweight, making the Factory Five GTM an absolute monster on the track. In fact, it tips the scales at 2,435 pounds.

Despite being most definitely a track car and having functions like a quick-release steering wheel, this GTM also comes with air conditioning and electric windows, so you stay comfortable. An integral 6-point roll cage satisfies most track regulations and provides you with extra reassurance.

While there are other Factory Five cars on the market, not all of them have been professionally built like this one, which comes to us via Laguna Classic Cars & Automotive Art.

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