Turn Dreams Into Reality With This 1974 Detomaso Pantera

Sep 16, 2019 2 min read
Turn Dreams Into Reality With This 1974 Detomaso Pantera

European styling powered by American muscle.

Meaning “Panther” in Italian, the Pantera is one of the most interesting and recognizable Italian supercars ever to exist. Designed by Ghia and powered by Ford, the mid-engine supercar is a blend of European styling powered by pure American muscle. Ideal Classic Cars is excited to offer the opportunity to own this beautiful 1974 Detomaso Pantera. This example only has shy of 10,000 miles on the clock. Feel free to make an offer here.

Turn Dreams Into Reality With This 1974 Detomaso Pantera

The exterior is finished in a gorgeous Black Metallic, and it features front and rear spoilers to keep the car planted to the ground at high speeds. A set of polished wheels sit on all four corners. On the inside, a black leather interior can be found along with a gorgeous Italian supercar dashboard setup complete with Veglia gauges. In addition, a vintage Sony radio/cassette player is embedded in the dash.

Powering this Italian beast is a Ford Cleveland 351cui V8 engine fed by a Holley carburetor and backed by a 5-speed manual transmission with a gated shifter. With an 8.6:1 compression ratio, the 1973-1974 Pantera models made 266-horsepower at 5,400-RPM and 301 lb/ft of torque at 3,600-RPM. Power disc brakes brings everything to a halt, and an independent suspension keeps handling in check.

Turn Dreams Into Reality With This 1974 Detomaso Pantera

Although the Detomaso Pantera was built in Italy, it was sold largely in the United States through Lincoln-Mercury dealerships and given a full factory warranty. Sold between $9,000 and $11,000, buying a then-new Pantera would cost you $3,500 more than a new Corvette back then. This was still a fair price considering how much other exotics were selling for at the time.

This Pantera is bound to turn heads and start conversations at any car shows, and don't be surprised if everyone gathers 'round for an up-close-and-personal look. If this is a legendary Italian supercar that you can't live without, contact Ideal Classic Cars today.


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