Go Big With A 1972 Chevy Blazer Roadster

Nov 21, 2019 2 min read
Go Big With A 1972 Chevy Blazer Roadster

Imagine how people will react when you roll up in this custom roadster.

There’s making an entrance and then there’s driving a restomod 1972 Chevrolet Blazer Roadster. This vehicle, which is being sold by Streetside Classics, is the kind of thing people will stop and ask in amazement what it is.

Go Big With A 1972 Chevy Blazer Roadster

Some might correctly identify this as a Chevy Blazer at first, but then second guess themselves because it just doesn’t look quite like one. After all, it’s hugging the road like a car, not riding high like a proper K5 Blazer, and that’s part of the fun with this street machine. Custom details abound, like the Cadillac-inspired taillights, shaved door handles, and plenty of body modifications. Tangelo Orange really accentuates the smooth surfaces and every crease, plus it gives this Chevrolet even more flair.

Like the exterior, the interior of this vehicle has also been reworked in a big way. Considering it’s on full display all the time, it needs to impress. Brown leather seats with Orange suede-like inserts helps connect to the exterior, plus they feature nice bolstering for excellent comfort. That same combo is present in fun ways on the door panels and the side panels throughout the interior, including on the tailgate.

More custom details are present, like a subwoofer in the cargo area, but it sits in a leather box which looks more like a piece of luggage. The front center console has two armrests and cupholders, while a billet steering wheel with wood rim pairs nicely with the white-faced AutoMeter gauges. There’s even a modern sound system deck with Bluetooth and satellite radio.

While this Chevy Blazer pushes some serious customizations, it’s also quite the performance machine. Under the front-hinged hood is a nice 396ci V8 with a Quick Fuel 750 CFM 4bbl carb, Edelbrock Performer intake, and Hedman long tube headers for free breathing. To keep all that running nice and cool there’s a big radiator and electric fans. A three-speed automatic transmission makes this Chevy easy to drive, while the trailing arm rear suspension plus Belltech shocks and springs help tremendously with handling.

It’s obvious this isn’t some build which was just slapped together without much of a plan. There’s some serious skill displayed in every aspect of this K5 Blazer Roadster. And while this isn’t a vehicle which will appeal to everyone, it might be perfect for your tastes.

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