1971 Lotus Europa Given The Foose Treatment

Oct 23, 2019 1 min read
1971 Lotus Europa Given The Foose Treatment

Chip Foose and his team gave this classic car exactly what it deserves.

If you faithfully of maybe even casually watch Overhaulin’, you might already recognize the car pictured above. That’s because Chip Foose and his team made over this 1971 Lotus Europa. It was already a thing of exotic beauty, but years of racing meant it had a well-earned patina that didn’t entirely do the car justice.

As you can clearly see, the end result is nothing short of breathtaking. Fresh red paint on most of the body, while white racing stripes and a stripe of white at the very bottom of the body makes a strong statement. A green border is a nice callback to the Italian flag, adding further to the exotic flavor of the car.

Not everyone knows that much about the Lotus Europa, which isn’t shameful to admit. It was only made from 1966 to 1975, with not very many making their way to this side of the Atlantic. They’re nowhere nearly as common as the Lotus Esprit or Elise, it employs the same approach of simplifying the design and adding lightness.

Speaking of lightness, this Lotus tips the scale at just 1,200 pounds. If that’s not crazy enough, the engine is now cranking 320-horsepower, so it really moves.

One of the most amazing details about this Europa is that the owner bought it back in the day for a mere $1,500. He then raced it in the 80s and 90s before parking it for an extended period of time. After blowing the engine more recently, the owner thought he would never see his beloved Lotus again. Little did he know it was getting the full Foose treatment.

It’s always great to see a unique car like this get the revitalization it needs. Too often these types of vehicles are scrapped and lost forever, even though they add some much-needed spice into the automotive landscape.

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