1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 454 Looks Like A Garage King

Jun 15, 2019 2 min read
1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 454 Looks Like A Garage King

It doesn’t look like this muscle car has lived a hard life at all.

Some people use the term “garage queen” in derogatory ways, but when a classic car has been well cared-for by being sheltered from the elements, that should be celebrated. It appears this 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 454 has been kept inside much of its long life, and as a result the car is in fantastic condition.

1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 454 Looks Like A Garage King

Just looking at the exterior of this Chevelle SS 454 is inspiring. That black paint job looks like it was freshly poured on the car, although from the indication of just over 22,000 miles on the odometer, it’s possible this car has been babied and that’s the original coat it wore off the line. White rally stripes add some nice contrast, plus those are also in absolutely perfect condition. There’s zero signs of a blemish on any of the body panels, meanwhile the bumpers and all trim pieces are intact and shined to gleaming perfection. All badges and the factory wheels are also present.

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This Chevelle SS is packing heat with an LS-5 454ci V8 shoved under the hood. With 360-horsepower on tap, it’s easy to see why people get worked up over this setup. Just as important, it comes with the 4-speed manual transmission, so you get the joy of ultimate control over this best.

Surprisingly, the interior looks to be all original, including the black vinyl upholstery on the seats, the dash, door panels, and carpeting. The headliner is as well, but it’s needing some attention as it’s drooping, but that’s something you can fix without too much trouble. You get to grip the factory steering wheel and shifter while driving, transporting you back to simpler times of muscle machines. Keeping the setup authentic are also the factory speedometer, oil PSI gauge, temperature gauge, fuel gauge, and tachometer, which all work. Plenty of amenities come with this Chevelle SS 454. It has functioning factory air conditioning, heater, wipers, horn, and radio. All the lights function as well, except for the reverse lights, making this a car you can enjoy immediately.

People literally go wild for the 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 454. While this one has the LS-5 instead of the super potent LS-6 engine, it’s still legendary enough to be a solid investment if you’re looking to collect something special. Shelton Classics & Performance is offering this rare and unmolested classic for another owner to thoroughly enjoy.

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