Place A Bid On This 1968 Volkswagen Beetle Herbie Tribute

Oct 18, 2019 1 min read
Place A Bid On This 1968 Volkswagen Beetle Herbie Tribute

Relive those favorite movie moments.

Movies featuring cars as the hero often pique the interest of young kids and maybe even adults, making them into lifelong automotive nuts. It’s understandable why people would then want to replicate that magic in real life with something like this 1968 Volkswagen Beetle Herbie Tribute. With many of the movie car’s details reproduced, it’s like you’re driving a set piece from the original movie.

Anyone who’s a hardcore Herbie fan will be quick to point out the sentient racer was originally a 1963 VW Beetle. While that’s true, there are few design differences between those model years, especially when it comes to cosmetics, so this tribute works very well. It bears the same number 53 livery plus the red, white, and blue stripe down the middle. And just like the original car, it has White paint, a Tan interior, and a California Cloth Sun Roof. Even small details like plain chrome dog dish hubcaps instead of the Volkswagen factory hubcaps and the removal of VW logos on the trunk and rear have been done.

You’re guaranteed to get a lot of smiles while driving this car. A lot of people have fond memories of Herbie, while quite a few younger kids have seen the movies. When you’re parked, an engine dress up kit means you won’t be ashamed to pop open the back and show off that 4-cylinder.

This is a fun Volkswagen Beetle to drive, apart from the ties to the Herbie movies. It features a 3-speed manual transmission, making for a purer experience as you work with the machine. There’s also air conditioning, which is a huge plus once temperatures heat up again.

Overall, everything looks pretty clean on this Volkswagen, so it shows well. If you’re interested in owning this car, contact Premier Auction Group for information on how to place a bid.

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