1968 Pontiac LeMans GTO Tribute Has Been Tastefully Upgraded

Jun 4, 2019 2 min read
1968 Pontiac LeMans GTO Tribute Has Been Tastefully Upgraded

You won’t cringe at the well-done modifications.

Sometimes people will modify classics, creating a restomod of questionable value. Fortunately, this 1968 Pontiac LeMans GTO Tribute is the exact opposite. It really should be used as an example of restraint and well-informed decisions for modifying most golden age muscle cars.

A sultry blue paint shows off this A-body’s muscular curves in just the right ways, without being overly flashy. A nice array of badges grace different body panels, adding some unexpected nostalgia to the car. It wears the 15-inch Pontiac Rally wheels plus some strategic brightwork with pride, as well as all factory trim pieces, signaling to true enthusiasts that this is a restrained, genuine classic vehicle.

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Under the hood is a genuine 400ci V8, sporting a Holley 4-barrel double-pump carburetor plus an Edelbrock intake manifold for even greater performance. If that’s not enough reason to show off in parking lots, the engine bay features quite a few chrome components which shine up to make everything look pretty under the hood. A three-speed automatic means pretty much anyone can drive this car, while suspension modifications like Hotchkis front sway bar and premium springs in the rear tightens up handling. There’s also power steering and power disc brakes.

Slide inside this beast and be surprised at the strategic upgrades which make driving this muscle car even more enjoyable. You get to use white gauges, adding a cool vibe to this classic. The factory radio is gone, but there is an iPod jack for playing digital tracks, while two trunk-mounted subwoofers enhance every song. All modifications have been done so they really blend in with the otherwise original interior, preserving the look and feel of this car back when it hit dealer lots. Black vinyl upholstery is in good condition, while the OE front center console is unbelievably well-preserved.

The 1968 Pontiac LeMans is an historically significant car since it launched the second generation of GM’s A-model body. It features a semi-fastback layout, shorter wheelbase, lower ride height, and more body curves.

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