All-Original 1968 AMC Ambassador SST To Be Auctioned

Oct 17, 2019 2 min read
All-Original 1968 AMC Ambassador SST To Be Auctioned

Grab this survivor before it’s gone.

The top dog from American Motors Corporation, this 1968 AMC Ambassador SST is still looking fantastic. While it might be hard to believe, this hardtop coupe is a genuine survivor with everything original. Raleigh Classic Car Auctions is sending this car to the auction block with a stated 68,000 actual miles. Considering just how spotless this ride looks, that’s actually not a difficult claim to believe.

Wearing an almost immaculate coat of Bronze, this Ambassador SST has been optioned up to the hilt. Among the factory-included options is air conditioning, something you don’t always get in classic cars like this. Power steering and power brakes help you keep that exterior free from blemishes. Even more of a pampering feature is the reclining twin comfort lounge seating, which is fantastic for long trips and presents very well.

This blast from the past has plenty of power, thanks to AMC dropping a 343ci V8 engine, which was an optional upgrade for the SST. Obviously the original owner had a need for speed and power, since this engine was officially rated at 315-horsepower. A smooth-shifting automatic transmission is also included, allowing you to cruise with one hand on the wheel and the other resting on the window frame. Driving with the windows down also comes with the benefit of hearing the dual exhaust singing loudly.

Even the smallest details on this Ambassador SST look amazing, from the chrome treatments on the exterior to the carpeting inside. Each factory control and gauge is present, including the OE radio. Someone obviously loved and cared for this classic AMC.

While Raleigh Classic Car Auctions has an amazing selection of cars to be auctioned, this one is a real standout. These AMC Ambassadors aren’t exactly common, and the SSTs are the most sought-after, especially with the upgraded engine included in this one. The owner is also included all the original documents, like the owner’s manual, Protect-O-Plate, owner protection maintenance book, plus options and equipment manual.

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