1964 Studebaker Commander Wagonaire Lives Up To Its Name

Jun 18, 2019 2 min read
1964 Studebaker Commander Wagonaire Lives Up To Its Name

Also, a really cool piece of history.

This original 1964 Studebaker Commander Wagonaire is an untouched example of American history. Introduced in 1963, it represents one of the more unique designs when it came to wagons, especially in the ‘60s. The evolution of the station wagon is an accurate portrayal of the American middle class desiring finer vehicles. After World War II, station wagons became an icon of the suburban lifestyle and highly desired by young, middle-class couples. The boxy utility vehicle of the 1930s progressed into an all-purpose family vehicle that helped serve the needs of American families.

This Commander Wagonaire project is offered by Gas Monkey Garage and represents, perhaps, the first true SUV that predates the GMC Envoy’s sliding roof. The beauty was found in the southwest desert where it survived for more than five decades. As you can imagine, the beating rays of the sun have baked the original paint finish to this unique patina. Should you forgo repainting it, the exterior could actually look pretty cool preserved with a clear coat. Ultimately, it’s up to you.

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Speaking of the exterior, this Studebaker is in outstanding condition, especially having survived with merely a few dents and its original trim. The tailgate, roof, and doors are operational, and the glass is in good shape. The hood latch is not functioning; therefore no photos of the engine or drivetrain are present. There is an engine, but the condition or completeness is not known. Undercarriage photos display a solid and complete chassis with some superficial rust on several components, and understandably so.

The cabin of this 1964 Commander Wagonaire appears to be nearly complete, though the harsh desert climate did its deed on the upholstery and interior materials. It will need a complete restoration. Seeing as the wagon’s interior is mostly complete, it will help serve as a template for key components like the seats and door panels.

Since this Commander Wagonaire has not run in decades, it will need to be fully restored by the next owner. In other words, Gas Monkey Garage is selling this as a non-running project and cannot perform any further work or build it for the sale. Even so, the winning bidder will be getting an iconic piece of American history will a lot of leeway to work with. If you’ve been searching for a cool station wagon that will turn heads, this is it. This 1964 Studebaker Commander Wagonaire is priced to sell and comes with a clean title. It will serve as a stunner for car shows, cruise nights, or even promotional purposes.

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