1964 Divco B100 Milk Truck Heads To Auction Block

Oct 28, 2019 2 min read
1964 Divco B100 Milk Truck Heads To Auction Block

This is one unique ride.

If you want something unique to add to your car collection or just have a taste for nostalgia, this 1964 Divco B100 Milk Truck could be a good fit. These old delivery trucks enjoy a solid enthusiast following. This delivery truck has been restored with expertise back in 2009 and still looks great.

1964 Divco B100 Milk Truck Heads To Auction Block

Finished in Silver and Merlot, this Divco looks appropriately vintage. All the body panels are original and are in good condition, so what you see is a nice, clean presentation. In addition, the black Divco interior is correct, including the various gauges and switch controls, so you’re getting an authentic experience while driving around in this ride. However, if you want to listen to some music while driving around, the custom JVC sound system is quite modern, so audio clarity is excellent. A small fan mounted to the dash makes for greater comfort when driving in the summertime.

In the cargo area is a beautiful wood floor with a rich finish. Steel shelves allow you to transport all kinds of materials from one location to another without concern about those items sliding all over the beautiful flooring. Steel on the walls, ceiling, and over the wheel wells makes the cargo area feel even more substantial.

A Cummins four-cylinder diesel engine powers this truck. It works with a four-speed automatic transmission for effortless driving.

Originally used to deliver milk in the Las Mesa and El Cajon areas in California, this Divco truck was found at the Motor Transport Museum in Campo, California. It was restored in Las Vegas back in 2009 and obviously has been treated with care since as it was used for shows and advertising duty by a Southern California winery. This vehicle is being sold through Earlywine Auctions, so contact the company with questions about bidding for it.

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