Behold An NCRS Top Flight 1963 Chevy Corvette ZO6

Nov 4, 2019 2 min read
Behold An NCRS Top Flight 1963 Chevy Corvette ZO6

This big-tank split-window is the holy grail for Corvette collectors and it’s for sale.

An exceptionally special car, this 1963 Chevrolet Corvette is absolutely brimming with high-value features. First off, this ‘Vette comes with the Z06 package, something most people don’t even realize was an option for 1963. The car is a split window and is NCRS Gold Certified, meaning it is within a hair’s breath of factory spec, thanks to a meticulous restoration. Full documentation is included with this car, which has been authenticated by David Burroughs of Prove it and Tony Avesdisian, a ZO6 expert who also prepped it for NCRS Top Flight this year. Even better, this vehicle is being offered for sale through GT Motor Cars, so you could be staring at it in your own garage.

By selecting a single box on the order form, shoppers could elect for RPO ZO6. The Special Equipment Package bundled together pretty much everything necessary to take the car racing, including a larger 36.5-gallon fuel tank, upgraded master cylinder, larger finned drum brakes, brakes shoes lined with Cerametalix, the L84 fuel-injected V8, a close-ratio four-speed manual transmission, and “elephant ear” brake cooling ducts, among other features.

For just one year, 1963, GM made the legendary C2 Corvette with a split rear window for coupe models. After reported complaints about rearward visibility the split was eliminated for 1964, inadvertently creating one of the most collectible versions of America’s sports car.

This split-window Chevy Corvette is being offered with full documentation, which is exactly what you want for an investment-grade vehicle. The motor and driveline are original, as validated by CCAS AI Grenning and the car boasts a Bloomington Gold Certified OEM Gold from just last month. Look over the exterior, interior, and anywhere else for flaws and you’ll find few if any. This is the kind of car used for magazine photo shoots.

If you’re interested in buying this C2 Corvette, contact GT Motor Cars for details.

Also, be sure to look over the other cars being sold by GT Motor Cars, which offers a full line of services for collectors.

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