Cruise Open Waters In A 1962 Amphicar 770

Nov 11, 2019 2 min read
Cruise Open Waters In A 1962 Amphicar 770

By land or sea, this is the way to go.

Sometimes you feel like cruising down the road and sometimes you want to cruise on water. Usually this means using two different vehicles, but this 1962 Amphicar 770 is anything but normal. Available through, this is the kind of car you drive to really turn heads.

Cruise Open Waters In A 1962 Amphicar 770

From the front, something just looks different about the Amphicar it sits higher than most convertibles from the 60s, plus the body lines aren’t quite like anything else. Red paint does an excellent job of showcasing that body, plus there aren’t signs of rust bubbling up anywhere. Of course, around back you can clearly see the dual propellers and vents for the engine, so most people would correctly guess this is a watercraft and car in one.

Contrasting nicely with all that red are the chrome pieces like the bumpers, door handles, and hubcaps. They look as if the chrome were recently applied, providing a nice mirror-like finish. Steel wheels painted white and whitewall tires wrap up the exceptionally clean exterior.

If the immaculate white top is down, you’ll see the good-looking two-tone red and white interior, which is in fantastic shape for such a classic. The factory steering wheel, gauges, and controls make for a fun presentation. And while the original radio sits in the dash, a newer aftermarket unit has been mounted under the dash, giving you more functionality without ruining the overall aesthetics.

All too often, classic Amphicars not only are rusting, the engine compartment is just a mess. It’s easy to see why, considering these vehicles spend time on dusty roads and in water that’s not exactly purified. Despite those challenges, this one has an immaculate engine compartment with red on the air cleaner cover and valve cover, so you’ll proudly show that part off to your friends.

Exceptionally rare, Amphicars enjoy a strong niche following. Under 4,000 were made between 1960 and 1965, with far too many not having survived into this century. It’s just one of the many exceptional vehicles being auctioned by ACC Auctions. If you’d like to place a bid, you’ll need to register in advance.

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